Overseas continuing education at Godelman College:

Godelman College was established in 1994, and since its inception, Godelman College has been collaborating with colleges in the field of complementary medicine, worldwide.

Godelman College has for many years conducted seminars and workshops at colleges abroad.

Our students receive frontal training and practical demonstrations from the best experts in the colleges of universities in the fields of complementary medicine.

There is no need to detail how much practical and practical knowledge of this kind contributes to the future student's career, it gives many and varied tools to the desires of a caregiver career.

The courses are on a variety of topics and some of the courses are unique at Godelman College, the treatment techniques taught in these courses are taught by the best experts with world-renowned names.

The seminars take place three or four times a year, we travel to a variety of countries – in these countries we travel to world-renowned sanatoriums, universities and famous colleges.

ההשתלמויות מועברות בשפה האנגלית וישנה אפשרות לתרגום לעברית.

החבילה כוללת כרטיס טיסה, מגורים במלון ברמה גבוהה, וההכשרה המקצועית מותנת בקבלת תעודה בינלאומית.

סמינר בשיטת דורן- בגרמניה

מכללת GODELMAN בשיתוף פעולה עם Center of Dorn method -OrthoDorn – Zentrum Rosenheim– Germany מזמינים סטודנטים ממגמת עיסוי ורפלקסולוגיה להשתלמות וסטאג' בגרמניה.

ההשתלמות מועברת על ידי מיטב המומחים בגרמניה , בנושא שיטת דורן, שיטה ייחודית אשר פותחה על מנת לייצב את עצמות השלד והאגן במקומן בעזרת טכניקות טיפול מיוחדות.

ההשתלמות כוללת טיסה הלוך וחזור, כמו לינה במלון ברמה גבוהה, הכשרה מקצועית- אשר מותנת בקבלת תעודה בינלאומית, וטיול מאורגן עבור קבוצת התלמידים.

השתלמות בצ`כיה – נופש טיפולי ולימודי בצ'כיה

Marianske Lazne is located in the western Czech Republic and is considered one of the largest bathing cities in the country. The town, designed about 200 years ago, is surrounded by mountains and spectacular forests. The baths site itself, which is located at an altitude of about 626 meters above sea level, is considered one whose waters help treat and alleviate a variety of diseases: respiratory diseases, back problems, arthritis and more.

Except for the spa and baths, the city is very active and vibrant; You can enjoy concerts, local theater, art galleries, a variety of tennis courts, golf, swimming pools and more.

The package includes: flight, accommodation in a half board hotel, 2 complementary medicine treatments a day.

Advanced training in China

GODELMAN College organizes a delegation for advanced training in China at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University Hospital.

The trip includes flight, accommodation, advanced training for two weeks.

Participants receive a certificate from Zhejiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine