College of Complementary Medicine has established in 1994
Dr. Shimon Goldman N.D founder of the college, a specialist in natural healing and Chiropractic, build the unique college in Ashdod city of Israel.
The “Godelman College”, among the leading educational tenders in Israel, which has won of the highest reputation.
The Health Funds, rehabilitation centers, spas, and sports clubs employ hundreds of our college graduates.
During the learning process the students accessing the Godelman clinic and acquire extensive experience as a result.
“Goldman College” of Complementary Medicine, provides students a wide range of Courses, Continuing Education and Workshops.
For student convenience, the college allows study in the morning and evening classes in small groups where students acquire theoretical knowledge and work experience.
As part of their studies more than 17 professional experts Lecturers lessons, understandable and attentive to the needs of the students.
The Educational programs stands at international criterias and also providing scholarships and subsidies for immigrants.
The international certificate gives the possibility to work in Israel and abroad.
The college staff takes care of the future promote the employment of graduates.
Study Divisions
• medical massage
• Holistic Swedish massage
• Baby massage
• Sports massage
• Senior Specialist Medical Massager
• Therapeutic Riding Guide
• Reflexology
• Meditation Guide
• Naturopathy
• Chinese medicine
• Supplements and Herbs
• Holistic Psychotherapy
• Iridology
• homeopathy
• Diagnostic morphology
• Chorology
• Hot Stones , Bach flower remedies , aromatherapy workshops