Body shape and cellulite therapy

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Cellulite is an aesthetic problem caused due to the accumulation of subcutaneous fat that causes bumps and uneven skin appearance in areas like the abdomen, arms, buttocks and thighs. Cellulite is formed when blood flow and drainage of toxins in the fat areas do not work as required. As a result, the collagen tissue that connects the cells contorts and changes its shape and penetrates the cells themselves. This causes the overflowing cells to adhere to the top layer of skin and hence bumps are formed.

Treatment of slimming and cellulite
There are several methods for slimming and eliminating cellulite that are based on different techniques:
One of them is a massage – the massage is done using special oils that strengthen the skin and make it more elastic. It is a vigorous and intense massage and the more intense it is, the greater its effect.
The massage does an internal action on the deep tissues of the body, such as lymphatic drainage and improving blood circulation in the body. The massage method is basically gradual. It starts from the lower part of the body and rises upwards, in addition, aromatic oils are used, which help in lymphatic drainage and detoxification from the body. It ultimately prevents cellulite from accumulating in certain areas of the body.

Godelman clinic is active sinse 1994, Director of the clinic, Dr Shimon N.D provides treatments for problems such as: joints ,sports injuries, infant massage, back pain, kinesio tape, accupuncture, neurologic treatments (CVA, migraine,neuropathy),cellulite therapy and waist reduction.


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Following a consultation meeting, a personal curriculum is built for the student and a
registration fee of 1250 nis is paid. It is also possible to register by phone, fill out the
registration form and pay the registration fee. The form is then sent to the candidate by fax
or email so that the candidate can sign the form, a receipt and invoice can be obtained
physically at the college secretariat.

There are evening and morning courses and even lunch courses. At Godelman College, you
will be able to customize a convenient study program tailored to your needs.

In our college, only top-class experts teach. Most of them are PHD, MD and ND.

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