Yulia Krin
Administrator at Godelman.

Dr. Shimon Godelman

Director of the Godelman college of Complementary Medicine and a clinic specializing in back and weight treatment. A lecturer and one of the leading experts in the field of professional-therapeutic massage and rehabilitation of athletes.

Einat Vazquez
Coordinator and study adviser at Godelman.

Dr. Edith Yankilovich PHD
Senior Lecturer in psychotherapy at GODELMAN College.

Pnina Admon L.R.T
Senior Lecturer in Reflexology at GODELMAN College.

Leon Levy
Practical manager for therapeutic riding.

Hillel Lerner
Lecturer in Chinese and Japanese acupuncture at Godelman College.

Dr. Aza Nasuri
Director of Godelman's clinic.

Emilia Gitelmacher
Lecturer in reflexology and acupuncture for new immigrants at Godelman College.

Simcha Dagani
Lecturer in Psychotherapy and NLP at Godelman College.

Orna Yaffe
Lecturer in Naturopathy, Herbs and Bach Flowers at Godelman College.

Dr. Igal Vaisman
Lecturer in Auriculotherapy and Anatomy at Godelman College.