Infant massage

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This course teaches the simple method of general massage, as well as encourage muscle development and coordination. We also cover special conditions, such as colds, abdominal pain, hiccups, constipation, diarrhea, teething and other conditions. This course focuses on teaching therapists how to massage a baby. In addition the course teaches how to give the parents themselves the tools to calm a baby in the middle of the night. For this reason, the techniques are simple.

Baby massage is an ancient technique that connects the parent to the baby. It’s all a matter of cultivating connection and communication. Touch is a very powerful component in human bonding because it is a form of communication, verbal and non-verbal.

Studies include studies in anatomy and physiology

– Practical internship in kindergarten and the college clinic.



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Following a consultation meeting, a personal curriculum is built for the student and a
registration fee of 1250 nis is paid. It is also possible to register by phone, fill out the
registration form and pay the registration fee. The form is then sent to the candidate by fax
or email so that the candidate can sign the form, a receipt and invoice can be obtained
physically at the college secretariat.

There are evening and morning courses and even lunch courses. At Godelman College, you
will be able to customize a convenient study program tailored to your needs.

In our college, only top-class experts teach. Most of them are PHD, MD and ND.

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